“The beautiful chair arrived exactly when you said it would, so well packed, and in perfect condition. Thank you so much!

All the things you have made give me a sort of spiritual food. The chair also makes me feel very "grounded", and gives me a lovely feeling in my tummy. I have had it in in 3 different rooms. I move it, depending on what is happening. It is very useful because it is so comfortable and strong. And I love that it is not antique, that is is new and just made by someone who is living now. The shelf turned out so well, too. It is exquisite, and brings something really lovely to the room it is in. I feel very lucky…… Helena”

Helena P. London , England

“It looks beautiful. I want as little varnish as possible. No shine at all. !! I really like just like it is now. Thank you. Stephanie.”

Stephanie G. Mobile Alalabama

‘’ I forgot to mention what a great packing job you had done with the chair. The post office said that they had never received an item packed like that. As I mentioned before, my wife loves the chair. Best always, Nick ”

Nicolas A. West Virginia, Morgantown, United States

“Hi Emmanouela and Lefteris, your great package arrived safely today. Thank you so much. Have a great year! Heather”

Heather McG. Toronto, Canada

“Thank you very much, Lefteris! I will certainly write to let you know when I receive the package. It was such a pleasure to meet you and your lovely family, and to see your wonderful work. I hope that you are all well. Warm regards, Silvia.”

Silvia G, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

“Dear Lefteris & Emmanuelle, we can't believe it the chairs are already at home. We are so please to have them and it is piece of Skyros in our place. Thank you very much

Friendly, Viviane & Alain.”

Alain B, Castellar, France

“Dear Lefteris, The chairs arrived safely, and I love them.Many thanks, Robin”

Robin G, Pennington, New Jersey United States